Monday, July 26, 2010

Just to share....

Claude Monet painted "Cliff Walk at Pourville" in 1885

Was looking up the correct title and author of a book this morning and came across this video of the author  speaking.... I immediately thought of all my friend Cherie and our other creative friends here who are such good writers, singers, photographers, artist....  and wanted to share it.  Yes. the video is a little over 19 minutes so I realize it would take someone very serious in their creative genius to take the time to listen.... and someone very interested in their creative genus is just the reason I posted it...  If just one creative person (writer, singer, artist, etc.) reads and takes something with them, I will be happy.
To anyone who has stopped... "Good Day"  I hope the day is or has been a pleasant one for you!

"EAT LOVE PRAY" by Elizabeth Gilbert

Here is her talk on "Creativity" at the 2009 TED Conference:
(for those who can't see the video, please copy and paste the link below - Thanks, Amalie)