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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Got this from Cherie who got it from Angela who got it from Cynde....

List 10 things you have always wanted to say to 10 different people on Multiply. Do not admit to anyone who the things pertain to. Feel free to comment, but do not confirm or answer who people think you are talking about. Ok, so here is my list…the things I would say to 10 different people on my contact list….

1.  So many things I admire about you... but putting good looks, talent, faith on the
     back burner    (I know you shouldn't do that with faith)... your heart is amazing..
     and I think I love it the best.  You are loved by so many who truly count!

 2.  I know that happiness belongs to you as you spread so much of it around.
      You are so busy and bubbly...  bouncing around Multiply making others smile
       and bringing joy to their world,... I think you will take the love from the past into
       your future and it will be full of happiness and love.

 3.  You are a lovely Lady.... beautiful both inside and out! One I would love to spend
       some time with... there is no doubt in my mind you could turn any house into a warm
       loving home!

 4.  You are the special one... to so many... you are always there for them... with an ear... with a 
       smile.  I know I am not alone when I say I love you.... one of these days we will meet and I
       have a hug with your name on it!

 5.  You have a gift that I wanted all my life... and what a blessing it is to all of us you share it
       with us (not nearly enough... lol .... okay, we get a little greedy but how wonderful it is). 
        And I am sure others know... as I have found out that you have a heart as large as that
        talent!  (Don't worry... I haven't let lack of talent stop me... I still do it in the car, the shower,
        and behind the lawn mower..... yes, have less neighbors then I use too)

 6.  What an amazing and beautiful woman you are....  The very first time I came to your
       page... I liked you... knew you were a special person.  What a wonderful family... what
       a beautiful and neat world you live in... I am so glad we connected and hope we always
       are... and even with the distance I hope one day we meet in person!

 7.  Your happiness is so well deserved! I am so glad you have shared it... it is so wonderful
      to hear!  You are a talented and wonderful woman... he is a lucky man... lol... okay...
      you are a lucky woman too.  Much happiness to you both always!

 8.  You don't even know it but you have made me smile over the last few months... you are a
       mess... so funny.... and yet so kind....  Sometimes I don't think you want others to know you
       are a big teddy bear!

 9.  If I were to be stranded on an Island, in the desert, anywhere... I would want the two of you
      there ..... always... you are the dearest and the best people and I have no doubt we will
      always be friends!

10.  We don't know each other very well.... okay...not really at all but you are in my prayers and
        thoughts so much.  The thing I want you most to know is you are never alone.

I want more numbers!!!!  I am not through talking yet.... lol....
too many special people ... not enough room.