Sunday, December 13, 2009

Everyday is like Christmas on Multiply ~ FULL OF LOVE!

Yes, everyday is filled with the love most people show at Christmas.
We have seen it time and time again when one of us is going through
something.  Our friends rally round.  They are there with love and
encouragement each time someone is in need!

Today I received this package in the mail full of goodies (yes, chocolates
included) and cards so full of thoughtfulness....  They were difficult to
read with the blur of my eyes (I tend to tear up with happiness even
more than sadness).  So many good people here... we are blessed!

And this is not unusual for our group.... so many people have been to my page...
sent me PM's, phone calls,  and so many good wishes for a speedy recovery...
And yes, I am having one of those! 
So good in fact.... I am headed for California on Saturday!

Next time I hear someone say... that the goodwill that is given and felt at
Christmas should be a year long thing.... I know where to send people to
find it.  What a great group of friends.

May each of you be blessed this Christmas
And all year long.

You are appreciated and loved!!!


Saturday, December 5, 2009



Our Host this week is the Gator
(so great to have you as host, Gator!)

and the theme he has given us is:

Emotions in Monochrome

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Happiness is different things to different people!


For these two little boys....

Happiness is:

A little bit of water...
A little bit of mud...
And a very understanding mother!

What is your happiness?