Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, John.. With loving Memories

This picture which was done for Image & Words describes best how I feel about John.
I don't need to tell anyone how giving, kind, humorous, intelligent and loving he was... each one of you know. 

When the light is dimming,
and vision blurred,
When the end is near,
and close at hand,
What is most precious to us
in all we possess
Becomes crystal clear.
~ JohnO
Thursday, August 7, 2008 9:04:36
A picture I loved of John's and one I know he was pleased with.
One of his favorite places... I am so blessed to have sat with John in here....  moments I will forever remember.
Today being his birthday, I am re-posting his last years birthday blog...
I think it pretty well describes John, our Penguin... affectionately called Pengy by some.

Not sure how polite it is to post ones exact age... but I did learn this interesting fact that I am sure it is okay to share:
The Emperor Penguin is the largest known species...and they are about 3'7" tall, so I was having a hard time with our penguin being almost 6 feet tall.. till I read that "Some prehistoric species reached enormous sizes, becoming as tall or as heavy as an adult human... " which might help in explaining the age and height of our penguin.

To know our penguin is to love him!
Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid, and other forms of sea life caught while swimming underwater.  They spend about half of their life on land and half in the ocean.  Our penguin spends more time on land than usual as we all know his favorite food is chocolate!!! 
Frannie's Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies made just for our penguin are one of the finest chocolates to eat ... There are a lot of squirrels in Atlanta that can testify to that!!!!

The average day in the life of a penguin is filled with adventure and drama, as they struggle to live and thrive in a challenging environment and changing climate.  We all know our penguin is a busy penguin!                                            

Yes, that's our Penguin running for the post office with yet another package for a friend... the perfect smile maker... and he knows how to make us all smile!

He finds the time to write and share with us.......   so much knowledge.. so much fun... so much beauty..........  You only have to go through his blogs to understand why so many love going back over and over again...   You will find the nicest people there... and will have the best time.  He calls it "Mumblings From a Padded Cell" and what a great penguin to be locked up with!

The Penguin loves to read and has a thirst for knowledge! 
Antarctic Dreams........ and he has a few of his own.... which I know include his  friends, travel and exploring a few caves. 

And something we all know!  The Penguin is the best friend.  He will go to all lengths to help you as he did for Cherie in the case of her missing Boobies... he did not stop the search until he knew they were safe in Gator's hands!!!  And has continued to check on them from time to time...  What a penguin!!!
I am sure everyone agrees they are looking good!

He makes time for fine music and so often shares his rare finds with us!

Don't tell this penguin it can't be done, he just might be the bird that can do it!!!

The penguin is happiest in time spent with friends...
Our Gator, our Penguin and our Cavey
Happy Happy Birthday, JohnOh,
 I wish you love, health and happiness
for this year and all your years to come!
(As much happiness as you spread
May you get that and more!!!)
Please join me in wishing JohnOh a Happy Birthday!!!!
And letting him know that we sure love having him around here as part of our Multiply Family!!!
But First.. If you haven't already...
Please check out Gator's Birthday Party for the Penguin!!!!
This is the link to the Gator's Party for The Penguin
Click here to get to The Penguin


*A big thanks to the Gator for his help
with the chocolate ice cream Penguin,
the running with package Penguin. And
The Three Amigos group!


A big thank you and Hug to Gator for all the hard work, time and love he has put into this birthday celebration of John's Life.

Link to Gators Tribute
"Johns Online Memorial and Remembering His Birthday"

John... so loved and missed by so many...
How Blessed we were to have him in our lives...
Now we shall carry him always in our hearts.

Friday, January 15, 2010

John's Obituary

Judi, John's sister has sent a copy of his obituary to be posted for all his on line friends.  It includes the Church and address for anyone planning to attend the memorial services January 23 at 1:00pm.  The family realizes there is so much love out there for John... Many who can't attend but are mourning his loss and would be there if they could... Just know that each and everyone of you added to the smiles we so often saw upon his face and created warm wonderful memories in his heart as we have many to carry with us.  I am asking Cherie and Gary, our Gator to post this as well as they come in contact with friends I do not.

The post are so beautiful and such a tribute to John and I will let the family know of the plans for John's Birthday as well.  God Bless each and everyone of you.  You are all such special friends.

John Edward Oliveria

Jan 22, 1951 - Jan 11, 2010

John was born in Carmel, CA and attended Monterey High School and MPC. He worked with his father at M.E. Oliveria & Son Chevron Station in New Monterey until 1972 and worked as a carpenter for many years.

John’s interest was photography and he loved the mountains and the outdoors. John was a very generous person, always helping someone, and his kindness reached many throughout the world.

He is survived by his fiancée, Linda Owen of Birmingham AL; his mother, Agnes Oliveria of Monterey; two sisters, Judi Oliveria of Monterey and Jean Cowart (Ross) of Lebanon, Missouri; two nieces, a nephew, two grand-nieces and numerous cousins. His father, Mac Oliveria, preceded him in death in 1996.

Memorial service will be held on Saturday, January 23, at 1:00 p.m. at the Church of the Oaks, 841 Rosita Road, Del Rey Oaks. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Church of the Oaks or the donor’s favorite charity.

Monday, January 11, 2010

John O has gone very peacefully to God within minutes of removing him from the ventilator a few moments ago. He is no longer in pain and I'm sure at peace. All your love and prayers are surrounding him I am sure.

I know so many of you are waiting to hear more news on John... but there is no change to report right this minute. His sister ask that we let his friends on here know that he is in ICU on the ventilator. She said that all of you mean so much to him and was worried you would be concerned not seeing him around. I told her we had already done that and wanted her to see the love and prayers out there. So many of you were asking what happened and out of respect for John's privacy and respect for his family we have not put out many details but I know it is difficult waiting and wondering so I do want to tell you that Saturday morning John had a stroke. Once in the hospital there were some signs of improvement but during the night there were some complications which put him on the ventilator. Judi (his sister) is staying in close contact with me so I will let you know any news. The family is so appreciative of your love, prayers, and support but have requested no phone calls to the hospital as they will keep us updated and this will keep down the confusion there. Your love and prayers have also touched me deeply... there is no doubt they will John as well. Thank you so much and please continue your prayers for him. Bless each and everyone of you.