Friday, November 26, 2010

The Forgotten Ones???

       a Paul Bates sunrise

 I sat beside my mother's bed as she slept, watching the man sitting in his
wheelchair out in the hallway.  His head was slumped over, as he was sleeping
 as well.  I couldn't help but wonder about him.  He looked like a nice person. 
What had his life's work been?  Did he have a family... what happy memories
mingled in his thoughts?  I hoped there were many.  Nurses and aides passed
by him without a glance.  How I prayed he had family who came to visit him. 
Many times I would walk down the hall to stretch my legs and see bedridden
patients lying in their bed for hours in the same position.  Had they been
changed... talked to.... touched... comforted?  I know I had often changed Mama
myself when no one would come in. My sister and brother-in-law one would
always be there at lunch to help her eat when I was not visiting.  They have done
this everyday for months with so much love.  What did these other people do? 
Were they just forgotten?  Did they only have love in their memories?

     Nursing Homes, I am sure are understaffed as are many hospitals, but
I know first hand from nursing how big of a difference a nurse who cares
makes even when she is over worked and can not do everything she wants
to get done.  It is not like there is a lot of money to be made working in a
Nursing Home so it seems like to me if you get a job there it should be
because you care and want to help.  A touch or some kind words are just as
important as the changing and feeding... We all need these things.

     I am so thankful Mama is home now... surrounded by familiar things.  She
has people who love her and care for her.  She came home on Hospice this
week. Her baby, Sassy (her little poodle) lays right by her side...
you should see the smile this makes.  I took a Family Medical Leave to
come help care for her here in Florida.  I am so happy to be with her.

     In the time she sleeps, I have a lot of time for thinking.  The wonderful
people in my life (and who have been in my life) have come to mind every
day.  Many of those thoughts are of my friends on line. Those I have meant
in person and those I would love to meet.

     This is a big reminder what life is all about.  It is all about love
(those we love and who love us) and caring (caring about others
and them caring about us).

Love is what God blessed us with... 
We need to reach out, embrace and share this love....