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  1. johnoh wrote on Jan 25, '09
    A car unclicks??
    A patch??
    A mind is a terrible thing to misplace. . .

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Jan 25, '09
    Cheers Linda

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jan 25, '09
    Good evening dear lady..wishing you the sweetest of dreams..

    johnoh wrote on Jan 26, '09
    Sweet Card, Sweet

    lovinheart445 wrote on Jan 26, '09
    Mornin Linda.. Anouther day but looking forward to it. Had a wonderful outing yesterday, and looking for more.

    multiplymitch wrote on Jan 26, '09
    Hi Linda, wanted to stop and let ya know I am breathing. Big ice storm headed this way so am preparing for it and keeping myself safe and hopefully warm. Miss ya and love ya lots. Can't shake this head cold though, any ideas? LOL OK girl, stay warm, safe and loving as you are.

    johnoh wrote on Jan 26, '09
    A Sweet Good Morning Linda, Kathy will be here today between 9:30 and 10:00, she already asked why you were not here and sends her love.

    ldyria wrote on Jan 26, '09
    Have a great week!

    johnoh wrote on Jan 26, '09
    Done, She will be here till Firday, possibly leave Sat. AM. Lots to do and get done for her Mom.
    Sends her love, sending mine too.

    taahiramuc wrote on Jan 27, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jan 27, '09
    Hi Beautiful lady...I loved the song he posted..sigh..made me cry a bit..hhhmmm hear one I like too on your page..Love will keep us alive..yeah favorite of in need of a "girls day", but so much to finish up at home yet..still at Deb's..Tyne had her first eyebrow wax done..giggle..yuppers shes growin up on me..Hope you have a wonderful evening..xxoo's

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Jan 28, '09
    shhhhh not to bother you and the Penguin...cheers...haaa

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Jan 28, '09
    Ohhh I forgot guys better be betting for the Cards this weekend

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jan 28, '09
    first things first.....looking at cavey's comment....How do I decide between two favorites....I guess the's not going to be so much fun this way.

    Second first thing....are you sleeping....

    third first thing......I love that song (you take my breath away)

    Oh.....mostest important....GOOD MORNING/NIGHT!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jan 28, '09
    Hhmm Tracy Chapman...New that one too...Hope your having a wonderful day today...sun is shining brightly outside..smilin here..xxoo's

    ummancan wrote on Jan 28, '09
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my pictures Linda.Here is a link for the mosque if you want to know more about it. are some Istanbul pictures there in my album.Maybe one day you will think of coming.
    Have a nice afternoon.HUGS

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jan 29, '09
    Good morning sunshine.....where are you!!!!

    ummancan wrote on Jan 29, '09
    Good evening Linda thanks for your visit to my PP.Why dont you come to Turkey in July to watch the baby turttles.I'm sure you will enjoy your days in Cirali Antalya.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jan 29, '09
    WAKE UP!!!!!

    wanderingdeity wrote on Jan 30, '09
    thanks for the grand comment, Linda. i did print out the picture. LOL. i know you're super tired and needed to sleep so i didn't wait for permission. no worries, i won't post it anywhere online. ha ha!
    the kids were thrilled and i even brought my own collection of pennies and nickels. it was a blast.

    have a lovely day!

  2. wanderingdeity wrote on Jan 30, '09
    super thank you, Linda. that's such a sweet offer. i get entertainment for the kids a lot from Robbie's page. ha ha. and it's so grand to think i have another friend willing to make the kids life much more fun!


    oh, Robbie had a date last night and he won't tell any details. hmp! we need help pressing for details. ahahhahahah!!! he's sooo going to kill me! LOL!

    johnoh wrote on Jan 30, '09
    Greetings with hugs!

    gkluit wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for explaining about the coin. It looks very lovely. I've heard of Pocahontas, but only since the Disney movie... The last time I was in the US was maybe 15 years ago or more, a trip to Florida, so I couldn't have seen coins like that yet.
    Have a great weekend!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady. Saw you tippy toe in..giggle..always love your glad you enjoy what I write, at times I wonder if it makes sense..Have added a new friend to my page..happened across her..writes beautiful poetry filled with heart. Hope you have a wonderful day today..the sun is shining here..smiling I will tiptoe out..xxxooo's

    johnoh wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Good Morning hellos and Hugs.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Off to the salt mines...or to muck out the barn in this case. Sweet dreams.

    gkluit wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Looking at the clock on your page I'd say I'm 7 hours ahead of you. It's nearly 6.30 PM when I write this. Have a good shift at work tonight!

    tomahawkchop wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Top O The Day to Ya's

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Cheers sis hope your having a good weekend

    johnoh wrote on Jan 31, '09
    Feb. 8th,

    gilesy01 wrote on Feb 1, '09
    Good Morning

    aslowread wrote on Feb 1, '09
    hiya are you?? Off for 4 sooo tired!

    aslowread wrote on Feb 1, '09

    johnoh wrote on Feb 1, '09
    Enjoying your day?

    johnoh wrote on Feb 2, '09
    Hope all is well and grand with your day!!! Hugs.

    usdiwahyaadonvdo wrote on Feb 2, '09
    Hello you too gorgeous woman the pics up there of you, your friends, our John oh, Our tooooooooo beautiful Cherie.....How are you love? You are so your background here! Lovessssssssssssssssssssssss and hugssssssssssssssssssssss and many blessings surrounding you! xoxoxooxooxoxo!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 3, '09
    Good Morning hugs from the West!!

    naarta wrote on Feb 3, '09
    Glad I could be of help and remember you can ask me anytime. You are so right we should have done this long ago. Have fun playing and watch out it is sooooooooooooooo addicting.

    naarta wrote on Feb 3, '09
    What a wonderful poem you have on this page.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 4, '09
    Good Morning, overcast, feels like rain, going to be an enjoyable day regardless,

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 4, '09
    Ohhhh I like changing my "face" dear lady..seem to need more color in my life right tah dahhhhhh can have a new background every day..I've been a busy girl playin...giggle. love visiting your blogs and other creative much talent around me.. have a wonderous evening..big hugs.

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Feb 4, '09

    lovinheart445 wrote on Feb 5, '09
    Morning my friend!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 5, '09
    Afternoon dear lady...hope your day is bright and shiney..sendin hugs..

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 5, '09
    giggle and a ray of sunshine just visited my page too....You.. things may just be lookin up a little bit more..Thank you.

    coupeman wrote on Feb 5, '09
    Seen you visited my site. Greetings from Tennessee.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 5, '09
    thinking of you

  3. mjrohn wrote on Feb 5, '09
    Hi Linda, how have you been?
    Hope all is well & forgive me for I haven't able to get on Multiply when I was in China (thanks to the Great Firewall there).
    I wish you a great day and a wonderful weekend ahead.
    I love how your site looks now and love the song!

    wanderingdeity wrote on Feb 5, '09, edited on Feb 5, '09
    polka dot bikinis, check. suntan lotion, check. sunglasses, check. pocketbook, check. i forgot, i have a class. ugh. we will have that stroll... soon. promise!

    have a lovely evening! it's my TGIF!!! me will partee with kids first. and oh, thanks for the grand comment on my entry. so sweet of you. i want to be like you. ^&^

    artimisia wrote on Feb 6, '09
    beautiful background

    johnoh wrote on Feb 6, '09
    Good Morning, Hugs. Already entered, Hugs. Still raining, Hugs.

    tonyb5356 wrote on Feb 6, '09
    Hi Linda ! Just surfing,,lol,,,thanks for sharing your site with me,,have a good day !!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 6, '09
    Another wonderful sunshiney day here and temps up in the 40 coat weather..ahhhhh lovin it..Thought I would stop by and say Hello beautiful lady! Hope your day is going well. xxoo's

    tonyb5356 wrote on Feb 6, '09
    Thank you Linda,so sweet of you,and your welcome to vissit too,you have a nice weekend aswell

    serendipitydreams wrote on Feb 7, '09
    Good morning.....from the far west to the really far when you get home.

    tonyb5356 wrote on Feb 7, '09
    Kathys comments

    ummancan wrote on Feb 7, '09
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 7, '09
    Good evening beautiful lady..hope your day went well today.. big hugs sent your way.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 8, '09
    Good Morning Hugs!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 8, '09
    Good Morning beautiful lady! Is going to be another wonderful sunny warm day here...hope it is there too. Big Hugs.

    coupeman wrote on Feb 9, '09
    Have a great week LindaO from NickO. Hugs.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 9, '09
    Good Morning, hope you saved some coffee and buscotti!!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 9, '09
    Shhhhh sneakin in to watch the love birds....giggle...makes me smile...xxoo's..shhhh sneakin back out..

    johnoh wrote on Feb 10, '09

    johnoh wrote on Feb 10, '09, edited on Feb 10, '09
    How perfect, I Couldn't Sleep at all Last Night is playing

    johnoh wrote on Feb 10, '09
    Good Morning !!! Would you like your morning served with one hug or two?

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 10, '09
    Good afternoon pretty lady

    johnoh wrote on Feb 11, '09
    A good morning, a bit of sun in between rain storms. . .

    usdiwahyaadonvdo wrote on Feb 11, '09
    Hello Precious Heart! Thank you....ID there is huesof_sunrise ... or m.dimensions ... or huesof_life ... I keep forgetting, but one of those will do. LOL! I've been so very busy, most extensive advocacy, and my last...Yes, what a time that would be! I think that I would hug you all to death ... well, you know.... send my love to all....breezing through quickly here ... Hugssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kiss .... peace,Light,love...xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxooxoxoxo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    taktik wrote on Feb 11, '09
    (outdated flash player)

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 12, '09
    Good evening beautiful lady..hope the rest of your day goes wonderfully.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 12, '09
    sleeping well? Need help?

  4. danceinsilence wrote on Feb 13, '09

    tintalasia wrote on Feb 13, '09
    Nah... I won't filch it. I'll just come here to gaze every now and again ; ) Just wanted you to know how much I loved it : )

    hollwhrt wrote on Feb 13, '09
    :D Linda, I'm glad to know that I can make you and Cherie smile!! I thought that comment may have been lost on Vickie (I still think it was), but it was effective in the end...

    aslowread wrote on Feb 13, '09
    thank you x

    ummancan wrote on Feb 13, '09

    gilesy01 wrote on Feb 13, '09

    nomadtraveller wrote on Feb 13, '09

    naarta wrote on Feb 13, '09

    sharonl344 wrote on Feb 13, '09
    Happy Valentines Day Linda !!!

    crazykk wrote on Feb 13, '09

    sharonl344 wrote on Feb 13, '09
    This is so funny , I was on facebook looking at my friends video of her baby that was babbling away and I heard music playing and I thought they had put in some background music, then the video was over and the music continued , I couldn't figure it out , I looked up and down my facebook page and couldn't find it lol then I realized I had your page still opened lol Great music , I'm gonna let it keep playing !!!

    wanderingdeity wrote on Feb 14, '09
    happy happy heart's day to you and the Ancient One. have a lovely day!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 14, '09
    It is your day today, Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

    myblotchedlobotomy wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Happy V-day Sis

    johnoh wrote on Feb 14, '09
    How sweet is that!!

    jgaryhillstudio wrote on Feb 14, '09
    just stopping by to say thank you for the sing-a-gram you and cherie left for my bday im still chuckling over that..those are always so great...and a very Happy Valentines Day to you from the Swamp

    johnoh wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Happy Valentine's Day, Love

    jgaryhillstudio wrote on Feb 14, '09
    just chilling and listening to the tuneage ...killer taste

    frannier wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Oh Happy Day!!!!
    We Love you! Russ and Frannie
    (wiki graphic expired)

  5. frannier wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Aww you couldn't have gotten a more perfect Valentine from the pengy!!!! LOVE IT.

    amalie2 wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Happy Valentine's Day, Linda!
    I have a poem for you on this sweet day!

    azpitcher wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Hope you're having a great Valentines Day

    ummancan wrote on Feb 14, '09

    Thank you very much for your wishes. Enjoy your weekend.HUGSSSSS

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 14, '09
    Happy Valentine's Day dear lady...big hugs and bunches of love sent your way...a day for love..sweet..tender and longlasting..

    lovinheart445 wrote on Feb 15, '09
    Happy Valentines day Linda!! Like yourr music.

    coupeman wrote on Feb 15, '09
    Thanks for the Valentine Graphic. Have a great day. TC.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 15, '09
    Good Morning beautiful lady...sun is shining and its going to be a wonderful day...xxxooo's hope yours is too.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 15, '09
    Hope the day is treating you well.

    multiplymitch wrote on Feb 16, '09
    Hi Linda. I get a few minutes here then have more time today and the site gets slow, won't post, send etc. Still hanging in there, LOL do miss ya. Hope soon things get stable again. Hugs...

    johnoh wrote on Feb 16, '09
    Morning to you!! Hope it is a great one!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 16, '09
    checking in. . .

    sharonl344 wrote on Feb 17, '09
    Hiya Linda I love your music here, it is so good to sing along to, lol if I sing everyone will run away lol Have a great day :)

    usdiwahyaadonvdo wrote on Feb 17, '09
    Osiyo, Beautiful One...Thank you ... hope that yours was wonderful too ... Went shooting by the river today ... Warm, with a chilly breeze, gray and white clouds swirling over head, remnants of ice in the water encircling roots of the trees, and the river is crested and at the edge of the banks...There is an island in the middle of it, the river, and it is quite covered, only the slightest glimpses of land peaking through. Of course I was on them, getting wet. I wear layers. Write soon and tell me of your days. Peace,Light,Love, Many Blessings swirling your way. Lovesssssss and hugsssssssssssss to you are yours. Namaste ... Bye for now. xoxoxoxox!

    heavesprings wrote on Feb 18, '09
    The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.

    Have a cheerful day.

    ummancan wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Goooodddd moooorrrniiiinngggg

    nakedroadrage wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Have a great day sis!!

    lovinheart445 wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Morning Linda..

    amalie2 wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Linda, what a positive comment I found :)
    That was truly a nice thing to say, so Thank you!

    aslowread wrote on Feb 18, '09
    suns out..yayyyy x

    ummancan wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Good afternoon Dear Linda thank you very much for your kind comment.You in Turkish we have an idiom ' heart to heart ' , I was thinking the same thing for your smile, and thought how cute you were looking on your picture, as I posted my graphics.
    Heeeeyyyy you made me felt like doing rock n roll by myself in the middle of the night :-))
    Have a nice afternoon.HUGSSSS

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 18, '09
    Good evening lovely lady..hope your day went well.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 19, '09
    Good Morning, with hugs

    frannier wrote on Feb 20, '09
    Linda, stopping by to check in on you! Yes April is still on our Calendars... Won't miss this one for sure. Can't wait. Love you and many hugs from both Russ and I.

  6. johnoh wrote on Feb 20, '09
    Off to sit the little Furball of Happiness for a couple of hours. . .love

    laniebg wrote on Feb 20, '09, edited on Feb 20, '09
    Hi... just wanted to let you know your PP is non viewable...

    serendipitydreams wrote on Feb 20, '09
    I'm looking at the photos over on the side....I miss you so much.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 20, '09
    Night, LOL Walking on Sunshine, one of those songs that always makes one feel happy!!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 21, '09
    Good Morning!!!

    wanderingdeity wrote on Feb 21, '09
    you also like Jade East? Robbie's into 60's moods and bought it. dunno why. ha!
    thanks for the friendship, too. do know that i value it a lot. ^&^

    have a lovely Sunday!

    serendipitydreams wrote on Feb 21, '09
    Where are youuuuuuuuuuu

    sharonl344 wrote on Feb 21, '09
    Glad you liked my music Linda , I love yours too. Hope your weekend is a good one, I am stuck here on the island , blowing snow making the bridge impassable. It's beautiful here , starry night not snowing but the bay is frozen and it snowed yesterday and it's windy out now so all the snow on the bay blows right across the start and end of the bridge making it a wall of white and very dangerous driving. Oh well tomorrows another day . That David Gates song Find Me , is playing now, I've never heard it before , it's beautiful and sad !!!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 21, '09
    sending love, hope all is well

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 22, '09
    Good morning Beautiful lady..hope this finds you well, enjoying your weekend and smiling..xxoo's

    johnoh wrote on Feb 22, '09
    Good Morning XXXOOOXXX

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 22, '09
    So nice to see that beautiful face on my page...yes..wont be long. Thank you..thought spring when I did my page this last time...

    rockinrobbie wrote on Feb 22, '09
    Awww...thankyou kind lady for those nice comments....I am sooo diggin the tunes here...just some silliness while I am home before I go to the station and get paid for that silliness...have a great day and thanx for coming by........:-)

    serendipitydreams wrote on Feb 22, '09
    Hugs and thank you again for the happiest part of my day.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 23, '09
    Good Morning hugs, you were up early (late?)!!! or did you ever get to sleep?

    scatterlings wrote on Feb 23, '09
    Hellooooooo there my friend! I am waiting for that call to say fetch us at the airport! That would be just the best fun! :-)

    johnoh wrote on Feb 23, '09
    still raining, need to find a good book. As if I do not have enough around here already.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 24, '09
    Night, going to try and find some sleep. . .

    wanderingdeity wrote on Feb 24, '09
    morning linda!
    just hopping by to get the left-over cake! ha! ^&^
    have a great day!

    ei, the Penguin is lookin' for a good read?
    try "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. totally hilarious.
    and there's also "The Witch of Portobello" by Paulo Coehlo. thought provoking.
    if you guys are somewhere nearby, i'd gladly lend you a copy.

    johnoh wrote on Feb 24, '09
    Good Morning,

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 24, '09
    Good morning lovely lady..thank you for stopping in..yeah I fiddle with my page alot dont I? giggle..It's the only thing I can redecorate without Alex trashin it..giggle..and also a good way for me to check to see what and if what I am making turns out...Things are going rather well..despite a few monkey'll see.. big hugs sent your way.

    aslowread wrote on Feb 24, '09
    Good Morning honey...always good to hear from you..when is your next northwest trip????

    johnoh wrote on Feb 25, '09
    Good Morning with hugs!!!!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 25, '09
    Good Evening!!!

    nakedroadrage wrote on Feb 25, '09
    boo....ahhhh work work work..cheers sis

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Feb 25, '09
    Just thought I would pop in say hello and sneak out...giggle..hope your having a wonderful evening..

  7. johnoh wrote on Feb 26, '09
    A very sleepy rainy morning. . .XXXOOO

    miadelight wrote on Feb 26, '09
    Hi Linda, coming by to thank you very much for your B'earth day greeting in my guest book.
    Have a lovely weekend!

    johnoh wrote on Feb 27, '09

    johnoh wrote on Feb 27, '09

    nakedroadrage wrote on Feb 28, '09
    missing my sis

    addada wrote on Mar 1, '09

    gilesy01 wrote on Mar 1, '09

    johnoh wrote on Mar 1, '09
    Good Night, stay warm, Still snowing? Hugs!!

    tangolima01 wrote on Mar 2, '09 FROM SCOTLAND FOR YOU.FRIEND.
    Wishing you a nice happy day
    FROM T L 01 DAVID.

    danceinsilence wrote on Mar 2, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 2, '09
    Hello dear lady..hope all is well in your world..big hugs sent.

    wanderingdeity wrote on Mar 3, '09
    thanks Linda for checking out my scavenger hunt. those are Hangeul (Korean characters) ^&^
    have a great day. me is running a fever and needs to get some sleep early. ugh.

    geminaigraphics wrote on Mar 3, '09
    Haha, Hi Linda. Ugh, I can't stand Mobile! hehe. Different strokes, right? She actually lives in Theodore, right outside Mobile, and works for the Mobile PD in records. Let's see .. she has been there since probably, oh, early '90s at least. There's a story in that. Maybe I'll blog about it at some point. :) I think she likes it ok. She misses the snow, but she has a good, cheap living situation there, so I doubt she'd leave unless she absolutely had to. I've been there a few times to visit her, and that's more than enough for me! I do, however, enjoy Dauphin Island. ;)

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 3, '09
    Good morning..your too..usin my puter at my oldest daughters..youngests daughters laptop is on the fritz..oh my..Hope your having a wonderful day today..have been thinkin of you too..

    johnoh wrote on Mar 3, '09
    Sending Hugs!!!

    tangolima01 wrote on Mar 3, '09 BLESSINGS FOR YOU MY FRIEND LINDA.

    amalie2 wrote on Mar 3, '09
    hello linda!
    logging into multiply after work, was so nice today. because of the comment you left in my guest book :)

    johnoh wrote on Mar 3, '09
    Flying by, hoping all is well and good.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 4, '09
    very nice playlist!!!

    lovinheart445 wrote on Mar 4, '09
    Oh yes..Like the playlist Nothing is gonna stop us now. Hi Linda.. got the week off? Good!

    johnoh wrote on Mar 4, '09

  8. fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 4, '09
    Hello dear lady; Sun is shining here..hope your having a wonderful bit of time off..xxoo's

    johnoh wrote on Mar 4, '09
    I hurt, therefore I am. . .

    johnoh wrote on Mar 5, '09
    I feel much better after reading your card!!

    sharonl344 wrote on Mar 5, '09
    Noooooo I'd never laugh at your snow, I think you and everyone there were happy to experience it as much as we are delighted to get rid of it lol I think we enjoy each other's music , think I'll stay awhile !! xxx

    johnoh wrote on Mar 5, '09
    What a perfectly wonderful FUBAR of a day. .

    johnoh wrote on Mar 5, '09
    Well the day turned out better after I talked I talked to you, ended up having an ice cream bar instead.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 6, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady..hope this finds you well..I am up in the wee hours this morning..came to your page at the right that me like the river does..sigh...smilin and thinkin here..hope your week is going well. big hugs sent your way.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 6, '09
    Good Morning Muuuwahhhhhs!!!

    amalie2 wrote on Mar 6, '09, edited on Mar 6, '09
    Thank you for your nice words!
    The theme for this week is black & white. I think you will like mine :p.. for a special reason! The favourite penguin too!

    serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 6, '09
    Me too....I think it's there to stay for a bit now.

    poetessgarden wrote on Mar 6, '09
    Thank you! Gosh we have a lot of mutual friends LOL

    johnoh wrote on Mar 6, '09
    Oh My!!! Be still my heart!!!!!

    basshead1 wrote on Mar 7, '09
    Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for the comments.
    I only post pictures right now, mostly nature and scenery shots, but several of my friends have asked about some music, so when I get some time I am going to put together a few tunes to post.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    wanderingdeity wrote on Mar 7, '09
    we are both working too hard, plus of course, my mind always wanders off; i have to chase it most of the time. ^&^ have a great Sunday!

    johnoh wrote on Mar 8, '09
    Good Day to you!! With hugs!!

    danceinsilence wrote on Mar 9, '09

    johnoh wrote on Mar 10, '09
    Thank you, what a nice way to wake up in the morning!!! Hugs

    johnoh wrote on Mar 10, '09
    Anyone home??

    nakedroadrage wrote on Mar 10, '09
    boooooo....ditto Dr.O

    johnoh wrote on Mar 11, '09
    Good Morning!!! And Thank You!!! Hugs of course

    nakedroadrage wrote on Mar 12, '09
    cheers sis

    johnoh wrote on Mar 12, '09
    Good Morning!!!

    johnoh wrote on Mar 13, '09
    Muuwhaaaaaaas!!! What are Cave and I the only one who visit you??

    johnoh wrote on Mar 14, '09
    Night. . .

  9. serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 14, '09

    johnoh wrote on Mar 14, '09
    LOL I guess Cherie answered my question: Are you awake?

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 14, '09
    Hello young lady...hope this finds you sleepless right now and reading Johns..still giggling..big hugs sent your way..

    gkluit wrote on Mar 15, '09
    Hi Linda,
    Just dropping by to say hi. Hope you are doing all right!
    Springtime is finally arriving in Holland. Spring flowers are all starting to bloom and temperatures are rapidly rising. I'm glad. I always enjoy spring a lot.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 15, '09
    We have sunshine and warmer temps the past couple of days...sigh wishin Wes was here to enjoy it with me..have been tryin to get things done, but seem to be spinnin my paws...Nice though to see you lovely face on my page..brings me hope..spring is almost here.. big hugs sent your way.

    lilywagner wrote on Mar 15, '09
    Thank you Linda for the wishes. Have a great week!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 15, '09
    Good evening young was your day today? Was a beautiful day today in heaven talked to my Sweetness already..giggle. sendin big hugs your way.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 15, '09
    I don't hear that door slamming and the car starting up....get to work!!!

    serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 15, '09
    I want some of what Cathy's having....a slice of heaven!!!

    picturestowords wrote on Mar 15, '09
    sisters at work...sigh

    wanderingdeity wrote on Mar 16, '09
    thought i'd say hi and wish you a great st. patrick's day. have a great day!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 16, '09
    i called him at the same time. lol. nother sunshiney spring day here..wooooo hooooooo.

    aslowread wrote on Mar 16, '09 rest for the wicked! First of three...xx

    johnoh wrote on Mar 16, '09
    getting ready for work?

    serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 16, '09
    SHHHHHHH EVERYONE CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S SLEEPING!!!! oh.....I meant shhhhhhh she's sleeping. Rockabye and goodnight shhhhhhh.....close those eyes.

    harleymick wrote on Mar 17, '09

    johnoh wrote on Mar 17, '09
    Here's sneezing at you!!! Lots!!!!!

    ummancan wrote on Mar 17, '09

    St. Patricks Day Comments

    sandycaar wrote on Mar 18, '09
    hello, linda, you are most welcome for my visit to your pp this week,,i did not get to make an entry this time,,hope your week is running smoothly,,happy hump day,,have a great upcoming weekend,,tc

    johnoh wrote on Mar 18, '09
    I never realized before, that I sneeze in my sleep too. . .

    johnoh wrote on Mar 18, '09
    I never realized before, that I sneeze in my sleep too. . .

    riamariah wrote on Mar 19, '09

    riamariah wrote on Mar 19, '09

    johnoh wrote on Mar 19, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 19, '09
    Good evening beautiful lady.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 20, '09
    I fell back asleep, with my pillow!!! You have to see this sheep dog video on Cave's page, just amazing.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 20, '09
    Yeah hes is amazing..giggle go there...pleaseeeeeee.

  10. fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 20, '09
    Woooo hoooo thats great going to have my round for Easter, do you get to stay that long? ooohhh enjoy dear lady..big kisses and hugs for you both.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 20, '09
    Oh By the way...thank you..giggle..

    tintalasia wrote on Mar 20, '09
    Aw Linda... thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I hope your pc is well now. Hugs!

    multiplymitch wrote on Mar 21, '09
    Saying hello with a hug. Have missed you. God bless...

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 21, '09
    Morning beautiful the new background on your page..Hope your having a wonderful day today.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 21, '09
    Thank you I will...sun is shining..called Wes and he must still be sleeping..night owl..giggle.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 21, '09
    Good Morning!!! Like the new quote at the top!! HUGS and SNEEZES

    lovinheart445 wrote on Mar 21, '09
    Your page is looking great!

    johnoh wrote on Mar 21, '09
    hoping all is well and good!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 21, '09
    smilin here..

    lovinheart445 wrote on Mar 22, '09
    Smiling very big here. And oh gosh! Look at that lovely lady below me. She too is smilin!! Yeah.. we think a lot of you Linda. All good thoughts.

    multiplymitch wrote on Mar 22, '09
    Morning hugs for you.

    wanderingdeity wrote on Mar 23, '09
    Morning!!! My day is about to end and very glad to be home and see you finally getting into your true "calling". Oh yeah!

    Have a beautiful rest. ^&^

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 23, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady...gotta problem...theres a moose on my page makin tracks..giggle.

    danceinsilence wrote on Mar 23, '09

    tehagnes wrote on Mar 24, '09
    Hi there you have a beautiful blogs greeting from agnes australia :D

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 24, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady! Kinda gloomy one here today, but am sure the sun is shining somewhere..giggle..sorry you had to search to find the moose..giggle..having it as my background made me hungry for more..tryin to watch my ever growing middrift..giggle.

    nakedroadrage wrote on Mar 24, '09
    Hello sis..cheers from the cave...i know i know you work so hard need a break..shheezz

  11. multiplymitch wrote on Mar 25, '09
    Good morning Linda............

    johnoh wrote on Mar 25, '09
    Hugs and Sneezes!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 25, '09
    Thank you for your comment on my still mind boggling..Hope your having a wonderful evening.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 26, '09
    Good Morning!!!! Am missing you. . .

    gkluit wrote on Mar 28, '09
    Hi Linda!
    It has been a while since I came along for a visit, so I though it was about time again! :-)
    Are you doing ok? In Holland spring is finally arriving. Today a last day filled with wind and rain, but the forecast for the next week looks promising. I am very much looking forward to going out and about in spring weather.
    I hope you are having a good weekend!
    Love from Gerda. :-)

    gkluit wrote on Mar 28, '09
    I always love your profile picture!

    nakedroadrage wrote on Mar 28, '09
    Cheers sis hope you have been well..i know you are working so hard ....siggh

    johnoh wrote on Mar 28, '09
    Another good morning to you, enjoy your time in the east!! Hugs

    johnoh wrote on Mar 29, '09
    Night, having trouble sleeping again. . .

    multiplymitch wrote on Mar 29, '09
    Good morning Linda. Hope your day is filled with love and joy...

    johnoh wrote on Mar 29, '09
    Good Morning!! Enjoy the day!

    tehagnes wrote on Mar 30, '09
    Hi Linda thank you for visiting me "huggggss" agnes

    wanderingdeity wrote on Mar 30, '09
    have a recurring stiff neck for almost two weeks now. saw a chiro but not helping at all. told me it's mostly stress related. ha! i know now it feels to be a robot and i really really don't like it. ugh.

    johnoh wrote on Mar 30, '09
    Oh please please please please please please!!!!!!

    johnoh wrote on Mar 31, '09
    Good Night, up later than I had hoped to be, one of those too tired to sleep, but too tired to stay awake nights, so am floating somewhere between wakefullness and dreamland. . .HUGS

    johnoh wrote on Mar 31, '09
    Good Morning!!! Sure started my day out right hearing your voice this morning!! HUGS!!! and SNEEZES!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Mar 31, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady...not long now..giggle..lots of smiles and lots of purrrrrrin.. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Mar 31, '09
    Good morning sunshine....when you coming home to stay....we're cold and lonely here without you.

    gkluit wrote on Mar 31, '09
    Hi Linda!
    Thanks for coming by. I just got home from work. It's 7 PM here. Now I'm getting my dinner ready and then I'm off for my daily walk... Thanks to an extra hour of daylight I can still walk in daylight after dinner, so I can feel relaxed the rest of the evening. :-)
    Have a good day!
    Love from Gerda

    crazykk wrote on Apr 1, '09
    Thank you LInda for your kind comments in my guestbook, they are truly appreciated. Hugssssss : ))

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 1, '09
    Good evening beautiful lady...Hope this finds you well and not working to hard.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 1, '09
    stopping by for smiles. . .

    sharonl344 wrote on Apr 2, '09
    Hi there , either you're at work or in bed by now , I should go to bed too , I'm sick and I just took my inhalers so I am still coughing (pneumonia)

    johnoh wrote on Apr 2, '09
    Thanking you!!!!!

    multiplymitch wrote on Apr 2, '09
    Getting my drive by's completed, Honking and waving as I head to the next block. Have a wonderful evening.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 3, '09
    Good Morning, thanks for the sunshine, up up and away!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 3, '09
    Hope you are enjoying your time in the east!!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 3, '09
    Are you home yet??!!??

    johnoh wrote on Apr 3, '09
    It was great hearing your voice before drifting off to sleep. . .

    johnoh wrote on Apr 4, '09
    A good Morning with hugs

  12. johnoh wrote on Apr 4, '09

    mimisplace wrote on Apr 4, '09
    *Since you posted no pictures of him on the ground or in a hospital room, I am thinking this work went without incident.... Please say that is right!!!! *

    Hahahahahaha Linda ! Well it went without incident THAT day lol but life with him is always an adventure! Thank you for the laugh *hugs*

    *Waves @ John*

    multiplymitch wrote on Apr 4, '09
    A quick howdy to you....

    aslowread wrote on Apr 4, '09

    johnoh wrote on Apr 4, '09
    going back out front, hugs, will find seeds tomorrow and send them out Monday. More hugs, and a some sneezes too!!!

    lovinheart445 wrote on Apr 5, '09
    Hope your having a great week-end Linda.. Tomorrow is my big day!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 5, '09
    Have Pollen, will travel. . .

    aslowread wrote on Apr 5, '09
    wishing you you happy

    amalie2 wrote on Apr 6, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 6, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady..thanks for the hugs...he's finally here..sigh.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 6, '09
    Another beautiful day, rain tomorrow, or so 'they' say. Hugs and stuff.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 6, '09
    Honey, I'm home!!!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 7, '09
    Have number, have cleared to nights schedule, waiting , want to borrow my club?

    johnoh wrote on Apr 7, '09
    LOL How cute, she did not want to take it off, you were right, she liked it!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 7, '09
    Hi beautiful lady...we still catch up on emails and our pages to keep in the know...not long now for your flight either..big smiles..sending lots of hugs for you and John.

    multiplymitch wrote on Apr 8, '09
    Good morning to you, have a fantastic day today....Hugs

    johnoh wrote on Apr 8, '09
    muuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! (repeat repeat repeat repeat. . .)

    msowens1 wrote on Apr 8, '09
    beautiful page! have a great trip!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 8, '09
    Hello! Sun is shining, we are at Debs for a bit, Wes can check his email and page from so wonderful having a man around the house..he is making new "wee friends" giggle grandchildren..Hope you have a wonderful all smiles here for you and John too. big hugs and much love for you both.

    amalie2 wrote on Apr 8, '09
    Oh, another of your lovely backgrounds!

  13. ibmountainluvr wrote on Apr 8, '09

    aslowread wrote on Apr 9, '09
    huggs my friend...

    johnoh wrote on Apr 9, '09
    smiles left here

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 9, '09
    I hope your mom's health improves...will be in my prayers..we are doin stuff together so much fun workin along with tryin to put some weight on him too..giggle..doubt that it will work, but can try..

    wanderingdeity wrote on Apr 9, '09
    you weren't late. you made it. and thank you soooooo much. your thoughts are so much appreciated.

    i got dizzy having 6 simultaneous party but it's all sooo awesome.

    Dr. Oh offered me Tarkan. wonder if he could make Tarkan date me for real. ha!

    i gotta run for school. laters!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 9, '09
    can we go camping there?

    johnoh wrote on Apr 10, '09
    Have gear ready, the trees are calling. . .

    danceinsilence wrote on Apr 10, '09

    miadelight wrote on Apr 11, '09
    Have a Happy Easter Linda!

    nakedroadrage wrote on Apr 11, '09
    My dear sis Linda please have a wonderful Easter!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 11, '09
    Good Morning Hugs. . .

    gkluit wrote on Apr 11, '09
    Hi Linda!
    I hope this finds you well. Just popped by to wish you a happy Easter weekend!

    aslowread wrote on Apr 11, '09
    Happy Easter to you too Linda..much love xx

    johnoh wrote on Apr 12, '09
    ARGGHHHHHH!!! Cannot sleep again, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    naarta wrote on Apr 12, '09

    johnoh wrote on Apr 12, '09
    He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Matthew 28:6
    A Blessed Easter to you and your family.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Apr 15, '09
    so....everyone has their curtains drawn and blinds closed....I'm keeping mine open. I like the neighbors peeping in.

    rosiefielding2 wrote on Apr 17, '09

    hello, so happy to see you visit my page , have a wonderful weekend my friend.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 17, '09
    He leaves tomorrow..I am driving..but co pilot will be George this time..Deb couldnt..has to take care of kids. Me thinks George will be doin the drivin back..ummmm last time he left I couldnt keep the tears outta my eyes to drive safe. Thinkin of you..hows the Mama?

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 18, '09
    Thanks for the hug..fought off tears rather well and am now at Deb's, just got back from Milwaukee..sigh.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 18, '09
    X's and O's, miss you.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 18, '09
    serendipitydreams said
    ....I'm keeping mine open. I like the neighbors peeping in.
    That was not me with the binoculars!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 18, '09
    Cant sleep so thought I would peek in on your page..hhmmm pretty quiet..will tippytoe out..sweet dreams,

    serendipitydreams wrote on Apr 19, '09
    I was not running around nekid no matter what the neighbors said....but I know who was.

    ibmountainluvr wrote on Apr 19, '09

  14. danceinsilence wrote on Apr 19, '09

    multiplymitch wrote on Apr 19, '09
    Just dropping by, got a report from Monica, wow she was so excited so can imagine how you were feeling. Hope you had a safe drive. Hugs for ya.....

    wanderingdeity wrote on Apr 20, '09
    morning, lovely one! i know you're super busy so i thought of bringing over me new boitoi. ha!
    (Message from youtube: This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
    Sorry about that.)

    naarta wrote on Apr 20, '09

    ummancan wrote on Apr 21, '09
    Myspace Comments
    Tuesday Comments

    naarta wrote on Apr 21, '09
    It does not matter that you were just matters that you came by.
    Thanks so much for your comment.
    We do have such fun when we get together.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 21, '09
    Good Morning! Thought I would return the hugs...big ones just for you..Hope you are having a great day today..

    johnoh wrote on Apr 21, '09
    Good Afternoon XXXs and OOOs back at you!!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 22, '09
    Do you need another supply of XXXs and OOOs??

    aslowread wrote on Apr 23, '09
    thanks so much for the email..good to hear from hope we can catch up when Im back xx

    johnoh wrote on Apr 23, '09
    Good Morning!! Much cooler here today, our marine layer is back.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 23, '09
    Hugs and Such

    squirrelsrule wrote on Apr 23, '09
    always such joy look thru your page muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    ibmountainluvr wrote on Apr 24, '09

    It's almost here!!!!

    squirrelsrule wrote on Apr 24, '09
    took video and pics of armadillo lol was in woods and it was just doing some things un normal for them lol so i had follow ,,, good see you loads hugs for you

    ohnoh wrote on Apr 24, '09
    HEY!!! Is that Duck helping with your bath!!??? LOL

    nomadtraveller wrote on Apr 24, '09
    Just popped over to say thanks for the lovely song!! Have a great weekend.

    multiplymitch wrote on Apr 25, '09
    When I feel appreciative and it's thoughts of you I begin to not only feel hope but touched deeply so. So I love you is the meaning beneath thank you. Thank You so much. God Bless....

    johnoh wrote on Apr 25, '09
    Do you prefer your hugs with morning coffee, or your coffee with morning hugs?

    danceinsilence wrote on Apr 25, '09

    squirrelsrule wrote on Apr 25, '09
    another wonderous day here ,, hopes your days are good too,, i took 2 my nites off nex week so gives me week off the work 3 days then start my normal month week off wooohoooo ,, this week comin am running off to western part state ,, going too desert hasnt been there since was kid ,,, week later going to kentucky lake friends there invited me up so i probably end up half lit most it lol but oh fun we have so it be great,,, hugz u

    nicegirlnurse wrote on Apr 25, '09
    Yep, I'm working this weekend--pulling 6 in a row, as a matter of fact! I'll be thinking of you while I'm working, as well. Hope your days go quick and smoothly!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 26, '09
    Afternoon dear Lady..hope you arent workin to hard..and sometimes wishin I was..sigh..sendin big hugs your way.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 27, '09
    Good Morning!!! The start of you time off!! Enjoy. XXXOOOXXXOOO

    johnoh wrote on Apr 27, '09
    Just wanted to make sure I left you good morning XXXOOOs!!!!

  15. fatgrandmacat wrote on Apr 27, '09
    Good Evening beautiful and dear lady..hope this finds you well and smiling..

    coach2wny wrote on Apr 27, '09

    hollwhrt wrote on Apr 27, '09
    She's home, she's home!!

    rruzie wrote on Apr 28, '09
    Thank you, Linda! I'm so glad we can be friends... Look forward to get to know you better... :-)
    Love your awesome page & the beautiful words too... Have a great week ahead & big hugs!

    wanderingdeity wrote on Apr 28, '09
    So nice of you to visit my Top Ten. Always a blessing to see your loveliness around ^&^
    Have you seen my latest Boitoi yet? ROFL!

    Hope you have a lovely day!

    sharonl344 wrote on Apr 28, '09
    Hi , I am doing so much better, feel like a new person !! Just been so busy getting the guys ready for the new lobster season which is starting on Thursday, been baking etc., hope you are well Linda and not working too hard :)

    lovinheart445 wrote on Apr 29, '09
    Hi there lady! Thought I would stop by, and leave you with this song.

    johnoh wrote on Apr 29, '09
    Good Morning!!!! XXOOOXX

    ibmountainluvr wrote on Apr 29, '09
    Good morning. the gift of true friendship is that it takes us by the hand and remind us that we are not alone in this journey called life!
    Have a fabulous Hump errrrr Wednesday dear friend!!!

    johnoh wrote on Apr 29, '09
    I R officially awake!!!!! XXOO

    johnoh wrote on Apr 30, '09
    Good Morning!!!!

    gkluit wrote on May 1, '09
    Betty Boop has left the building...
    Hi Linda!

    hollwhrt wrote on May 1, '09
    Stopping by to say HI!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day, and a great weekend!!

    johnoh wrote on May 1, '09
    Back at you, very beautiful background

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 1, '09
    Beautiful, just absolutely beautiful..just like you. Hope your having a fantastic sunny day! xxxooo's

    johnoh wrote on May 1, '09
    Have tent, will travel.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 1, '09
    Hhmmm sunshine sprinkled my page today..three or more beauties have violets in the lawn.

    nakedroadrage wrote on May 1, '09
    ahhhhhh nice and calm music.......woooo hooo sis your working to hard

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 2, '09
    Good morning beautiful lady..Hope you enjoy your day. You works to hard.

    sharonl344 wrote on May 2, '09
    Hi Linda!!!! Yes you are right , there is an excitement on the first day of fishing, it is something to experience. First the captains and their crew arrive at the wharf and everyone is laughing and joking and wishing each other well, it's kind of a nervous happiness. Then many people come it is darkish at 5 a.m. and cold but everyone is bundled up , most people go up on the bridge and gaze down to watch the boats all pass under on their way out to sea and cheer them on and the captains honk their horns or bells as they go out to sea , it is a sight you would never forget, very exciting, then the sun starts to come out and the sky is a beautiful shade of mauves and pinks. Usually there is a radio crew there talking to the fishermen just before they leave and t.v. cameras to film them for the evening news. It's the same thing every year but you never tire of seeing it !! I hope you are having a peaceful weekend , I was cleaning today sigh , I had neglected it for a long time so I am back on track now lol

    sharonl344 wrote on May 2, '09
    p.s. your music goes well with what I was talking about , it's beautiful !!!

  16. rruzie wrote on May 3, '09
    Hi, Linda... Miss you at PP... Hope you're busy having a great time not busy at work... ;-)
    Take care & big hugs!

    johnoh wrote on May 4, '09
    Sending early morning hugs!!

    johnoh wrote on May 4, '09
    Good Morning again, run out of hugs? Need a new supply? Am going back to bed.

    wanderingdeity wrote on May 5, '09
    Thanks Linda. so sweet of you to stop by. i know you're busy and all. taking tons of meds. ugh. doctor said it's a mild case of pneumonia (thanks heaven and not swine flu! ha! ) i'm having lotsa rest already.

    have a lovely day ^&^ hugssss!!!

    gkluit wrote on May 5, '09
    Hi Linda,
    How're you doing? I came by to have a good look at your page. I love the way you combined the music with the dolphins and the blue colouring. Dolphins have always been a favourite of mine, but I guess I am not alone in that... :-) I like listening to the music you put up, it is so soothing.
    I tried to find you a picture of Betty Boop with a dolphin, but alas, I could not find anything... , so I will just leave you with this dolphin waving at you!

    gkluit wrote on May 5, '09
    I got to number 11 listening to the music... now I'm off to do other things.

    paranormal2 wrote on May 5, '09
    Stopped by to peek. Gotta love your page! Hugs!
    Hope you are happy in all you do my friend.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 5, '09
    Hope you are enjoying your day..

    johnoh wrote on May 6, '09
    sleeping and dreaming; wish I was there.

    danceinsilence wrote on May 6, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 6, '09
    Good evening beautiful lady..hope you arent working to hard. Max now has the ball he needed..giggle..and now its niceeee..things are greenin up here finally. Sendin big hugs..

    johnoh wrote on May 6, '09
    One day closer to your time off. . .hugs

    johnoh wrote on May 7, '09
    Good Morning!!!! Marine layer came in during the night, quite misty this morning. . .good day to stay in bed. . .

    aslowread wrote on May 7, '09
    Morning Linda..Im back/home/ whatevah...deep sigh

    gkluit wrote on May 8, '09
    Hi Linda,
    Of course I don't mind for you to use the dolphin I left behind. I hope you had a good time at work. I'm off to work now myself. Have a good weekend!

    johnoh wrote on May 8, '09
    LOL Cute Dolphin Icon!!!

    gkluit wrote on May 8, '09
    Still at work, but checking out your new avatar! Looking good there!

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 8, '09

    johnoh wrote on May 8, '09
    Finished dishes, now the next adventure. . .hugs

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 8, '09
    Does someone need a lullabye?

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 9, '09
    Happy Mothers day!

    secclux wrote on May 9, '09 cat would love it...I would not!! Enough of these fellas live in the neighborhood already!

    amalie2 wrote on May 9, '09
    what a cute and funny animal you have turned into ;) i think dolphins and penguins go well together?

    thank you so much for your enthusiastic comments on my images..made me smile! ..and dream back to easter, it was really such a fantastic place and we enjoyed it so much!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 9, '09
    Sure am glad those little tippy toein noises where from you sneakin in...giggle...thought I had a ghost in the house...smilin gleefully..hope you have a wonderful day.

  17. wanderingdeity wrote on May 9, '09
    oooohhh, send them raccoons over. i will fed them to my neighbors. ha!
    have a really lovely day, enjoy Mother's day. it's all about us ^&^
    me is off to bed in a few. got work tomorrow early morning.

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 9, '09
    I'm awake.....are you awake????

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 9, '09
    I was just wondering there a Mother's Day song????

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 9, '09
    A mothers day song to me is listening to the sound of a baby sleeping..sweetest song I ever heard..

    lovinheart445 wrote on May 9, '09
    Always a pleasure to drop by your site. Have a great afternoon my friend, and thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog.

    lovinheart445 wrote on May 10, '09

    johnoh wrote on May 10, '09
    Happy Mothers' Day!!! You know I was soothed to sleep with the sweetest voice reading the Velveteen Rabbit to me!!!! muwahhhhhhh!!

    gkluit wrote on May 10, '09
    Returning the visit and hugs to you Linda! I hope you're having a great Mother's Day today.
    I looked into the catalog of our library to see if they had the music you put on your site, but alas, they do not have it. I will just have to come back here from time to time... :-)

    rruzie wrote on May 10, '09
    It's always a pleasure to see you too, Linda... Glad to have you as a friend...:-)
    Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Stay well & happy! Big hugs!

    rruzie wrote on May 10, '09
    p/s Now I will stay here for awhile & enjoy your beautiful music...;-)

    addada wrote on May 10, '09
    (flash player)

    johnoh wrote on May 11, '09
    Good Morning!!! Good Afternoon!!! and of course hugs. . .

    crazykk wrote on May 12, '09
    thank you beautiful linda for your sweet comments on my guestbook! you truly are a beautiful soul. hugsssssssssssssss and hope your moms day was great!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 12, '09
    Good afternoon beautiful lady...the sun is shining here, hopefully there too...things are slowly getting taken care of here..wooohoooo...hope your day is wonderful. xxoo's

    johnoh wrote on May 12, '09
    I am back, the Princess discharged me. Enjoying your day?

    johnoh wrote on May 12, '09
    Well, so much for you going back to sleep!!! hugs XXXOOO

    wanderingdeity wrote on May 13, '09
    thanks for wiggling by.
    i hope you get plenty of rest. it's the midweek. ^&^

    johnoh wrote on May 13, '09
    Good Morning!!! What happened to our sleep patterns??!!??

    rruzie wrote on May 13, '09
    Sounds very you, Linda... Lemon cupcake! Yum! Yum! I think I'd prefer this to carrot! LOL!
    Now if you don't mind, I'll stay for awhile & enjoy the music...;-)

    Have a great evening & big hugs!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 13, '09
    Hope this finds you well dear lady...big storm headed through here tonight..but thought I would pop in and at least say Hello..and send hugs..

    johnoh wrote on May 13, '09
    Good Night! Made it to the post office, should get there intime for your visit with the family.
    Hugs Xs and Os

    lovinheart445 wrote on May 14, '09
    Morning Linda. Like your dolphin theme. Very nice, and the music goes well with it. Just beautiful. Have a great day!!!

  18. hollwhrt wrote on May 14, '09
    Good morning, Linda!! You know I always love it when you visit. I know lately I haven't provided much incentive for visitors, but I really do enjoy, and appreciate it when you stop by.

    Have a wonderful Thursday and weekend to follow!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 14, '09
    Morning beautiful lady..twice on my page now..giggle..yes your son is right..about cameras and puters..its the nut behind it..giggle..actually I think I am a bit more like the wee ones..pushin buttons and seeing what time is always so much fun..enjoy your day today..

    paranormal2 wrote on May 14, '09
    Hi there sis. Wondering if you are doing well. Love the pictures! Keep the dream alive!!!!!
    big hugs!

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 15, '09
    Good morning sunshine. Taking that new camera out for a spin today?

    kimwho2 wrote on May 16, '09
    Never an intrusion! What a lovely page you have,the music is very calming! Nice music to get a massage just like the place I go to..Have a peaceful day Linda,thanks for stopping by and come by anytime..

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 16, '09
    Good morning sunshine

    wolfmanramone wrote on May 16, '09
    Howdy Lil Lady....just snooping around to see who I'm riding with !! Don't let Nicko get you in trouble on this ride of his.

    johnoh wrote on May 16, '09
    Good Afternoon, I hope it was a good one

    laniebg wrote on May 16, '09
    Well, thank you so much! I'm rather proud of that one myself, lol! I took it the summer of 2007 when we went to Yosemite National Park. It's one of my favorites....

    laniebg wrote on May 16, '09
    I got really really lucky with that shot.... I took it with an old point and shoot Kodak Easy Share that I hated! It did itself proud that day, tho! Thanks again! Feel free to right click and save it if you'd like....

    laniebg wrote on May 16, '09
    LOLOL! Once again, I just got lucky....

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 17, '09
    Good morning ....dinner was fabulous!!!!!! We had some black olive tapenade it was amazing. ...and lemon dream cake...OMG!!!!

    johnoh wrote on May 18, '09
    Good Morning, one hug or two with your morning coffee??

    rockinrobbie wrote on May 18, '09
    Thanx for your time in dropping by Happy News Network. I hope you had time to look around a bit...feel free to post Poetry, and Happy Storys. No politic zone also I am sure you will appreciate...again, thanx for dropping by...Robbie

    ffhere4u wrote on May 19, '09
    Surprise!! Hiya LadyJane! How are you? Just wanted to stop in and say hi! Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs and Kisses to you!!!

    hollwhrt wrote on May 19, '09
    My turn to pass through waving wildly as I smile your way!!

    Have a wonderful day, Linda!!

    johnoh wrote on May 19, '09
    Good Morning!!! XXXOOO

    johnoh wrote on May 20, '09
    good Morning again!!!

    johnoh wrote on May 20, '09

    gkluit wrote on May 21, '09
    Hi Linda,
    Just came by to send you a good weekend hug! Are you having extra time off as well due to Ascension Day? Today is a national holiday here and I took the day off tomorrow, so I will have a four day weekend. The weather is looking promising, we have a three-day boating event in town and tomorrow my best friends are coming over, so I will certainly have a good weekend!
    Hope your weekend will be good too. :-)

    johnoh wrote on May 21, '09
    Good Morning Good Morning!!!

  19. addada wrote on May 21, '09

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 22, '09
    Good afternoon dear lady, things are going along okay here...garage sale is keeping me slightly busy..will especially this weekend..gawd! At the moment watching little Paige while Deb and Chrissy help George unload at his house..will be even bigger sale there..he's also in a good spot..main drag of town..giggle. Hope this finds you well and not workin to hard..miss seein you on my page always a day brightener to see you have visited..big hugs sent your way..hhmmm birthday? if so have a very happy one..

    johnoh wrote on May 22, '09
    Good Afternoon XXXs and OOOs back at you

    johnoh wrote on May 22, '09
    Well, let's just say I think I drank TOO much water with those biscuits this time!!!!!!!!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 22, '09
    Good night dear lady...hope you have a good night at work..

    johnoh wrote on May 23, '09
    Good Evening, rain? and thunder? Hope all is well. XXXOOO

    randrplus6 wrote on May 25, '09
    Hi, just wanted to let you know the update is GREAT - Your week off has now started - good luck on Wednesday. I will keep my fingers crossed that it works. Will be calling you in a few minutes. Love you bunches - sis

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 25, '09
    Hey....looky who came to visit!!!!! Hi sis!!!!

    johnoh wrote on May 25, '09
    Good AfterNoon with Hugs. . .

    johnoh wrote on May 25, '09
    Okay, I put that message on that page. . .

    johnoh wrote on May 25, '09

  20. shairationgco wrote on May 25, '09
    congratulations for your PP! it was a wonderful piece indeed!!!

    paranormal2 wrote on May 25, '09
    Happy hugs my friend!!

    johnoh wrote on May 25, '09
    Good Night, hope it is a quiet night and restful. hugs

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 26, '09
    Sweet dreams.....

    johnoh wrote on May 26, '09, edited on May 27, '09
    That blonde asked me to join the family!!! Is that okay?

    johnoh wrote on May 27, '09
    Hope you are sleeping well and comfortably. gentle hugs

    nakedroadrage wrote on May 27, '09
    sis? sis?....working hard

    harleymick wrote on May 28, '09
    I hope you are resting well this evening. -huggzzz-

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 28, '09
    How come all the handsome fellas are here with you?????

    gilesy01 wrote on May 28, '09

    aslowread wrote on May 28, '09
    I hope youre wearing black....

    wanderingdeity wrote on May 28, '09
    thanks for the smiles. always warm up my day ^&^
    by all means we dance away! yay!

    have a great evening!

    johnoh wrote on May 28, '09
    Night, sleeping well I hope, hugs, and going to change my background to more reflect the beautiful one you have here!!!

    johnoh wrote on May 29, '09
    Good Morning hugs. . .

    johnoh wrote on May 29, '09
    Think you and the girls will enjoy this article about a Mother's Love.

    Enjoy with smiles, and hugs

    johnoh wrote on May 29, '09
    Good Afternoon!! Going to head over to Harry's and tell him to keep an eye out for Ron, just in case he is flying in for the concert. I would love to be able to get his autograph for our diety. (Ron's autograph, not Harry's) Hugs

    dannidoodles74 wrote on May 29, '09
    You are such a sweetheart! Thank you for the nice comment on my picture perfect entry!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on May 30, '09
    Good Morning dear lady...hope you is well.

    ladycallie wrote on May 30, '09
    I had such big plans for the day. But first had to greet my multiply family. I have two others after my stop here ( shoulda gone there FIRST!) I will turn my speakers up a tad more, waddle to the bedroom, close the blinds, fetch the dog, and listen to your music. Dream spectacular dreams and enter into a calming restful bliss. ( ta hell wif da plans.....rofl)
    Have a magical weekend~~hugs, Linda

    addada wrote on May 30, '09

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 30, '09
    Good night...hope the party was filled with laughter and love...( I know it was)

    johnoh wrote on May 30, '09
    Good Night, wish I were there. . .

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 31, '09
    me too....what he said

    serendipitydreams wrote on May 31, '09
    I tried to call last night and thought you must be still gone.

    ladycallie wrote on May 31, '09

    Buttttttttttttt....every day is a beautiful day if you take time to see the beauty

  21. wanderingdeity wrote on May 31, '09
    the icon photo? amusing myself as always. haha.
    i thought all the kids in the photo are yours. oh.
    anyway, they're all lovable, just like you!
    and yes, i could tell very much how you adore them.
    am in the will? yay! gonna do my rain dance!

    have a good sleep!

    johnoh wrote on Jun 1, '09
    Good Night, I am there. . .

    johnoh wrote on Jun 1, '09
    Good Morning, am I still there??

    johnoh wrote on Jun 1, '09
    How come there are no pictures of you in Eli's birthday ablum???

    ladycallie wrote on Jun 1, '09
    thanks for both your visit and comment. I write poetry and short stories. I try not to saturate my site( or anyone elses with either) buttttttt.......I'm sure glad you liked it.
    Have an awesome day! Hugs, Linda

    suzyqbee10 wrote on Jun 2, '09
    Hello just wanted to drop by and say hello..HELLO. Hope all is well with you. Sending big hugs your way..xoxoxo

    ladyexpat wrote on Jun 2, '09
    I just read the poem above..........very beautiful :)

    ibmountainluvr wrote on Jun 2, '09


    naarta wrote on Jun 2, '09
    Good Morning Sunshine, Hello World...................

    LOL I forgot the next line. Thanks for stopping by.

    ladycallie wrote on Jun 2, '09
    Beauty abounds us....why do people flowernot take the time to notice?

    aslowread wrote on Jun 2, '09
    drive by hi...from Cali :)

    rruzie wrote on Jun 2, '09
    Wow... You said you always find 'Silambam' your way? That's interesting... They have a centre there or you see somebody practicing it? Wish I have the time to take any kind of martial art lesson... It would be awesome!

    Stay well & happy! Big hugs!

    rruzie wrote on Jun 2, '09
    Opps! I read it wrongly... My bad! Heehee!
    Likewise, Linda... I always find something that warm my heart here at your page...:-)
    Enjoy the melody everytime.... Hugs!

    ladycallie wrote on Jun 3, '09
    every day is a gift...hope you enjoy yours~~hugs, Linda

    johnoh wrote on Jun 4, '09
    Good Afternoon!!! Enjoy the day, hugs and such. . .

    ladycallie wrote on Jun 5, '09
    yep.can't get any more casual then Have a funtastic Friday!

    hollwhrt wrote on Jun 5, '09
    :D It's actually my Nursey Duck...

    vanidosa27 wrote on Jun 5, '09
    Thanks Linda!

    ibmountainluvr wrote on Jun 5, '09

    johnoh wrote on Jun 5, '09
    Good Day!!! hope all is well and good, XXOO

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 6, '09
    Good Morning beautiful lady...have you seen my mind? It wandered off somewhere..giggle..have a wonderful weekend.

    pestep55 wrote on Jun 6, '09
    Thanks for stopping by -- it's so easy to zip around the many offering on Multiply and wander. Yours is always one of my favorite stops /:-)

    johnoh wrote on Jun 6, '09

  22. fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 6, '09
    Sure hope ours have wandered off together...mine might get getting to excited to have it wander off for long..

    johnoh wrote on Jun 7, '09
    Cannot sleep, need help!!! XXXOOO

    harleymick wrote on Jun 7, '09
    Good morning. (smiley - big tooth showing grin)

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 7, '09
    Good morning starshine

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 7, '09
    Wake up!!!.....

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 8, '09
    Good morning Beautiful lady...gosh my fingernails almost match your background today...giggle..hope you have a wonderful day today. Smilin here.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 8, '09
    I called....where are you....are you sleeping...or on the phone????

    harleymick wrote on Jun 8, '09
    (smiley hug)

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 9, '09
    Tip-toes in.....shhhhhh.....tomorrow's another day.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 9, '09
    is you awake yet????

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 9, '09
    Hellooooooooo........where are you....

    johnoh wrote on Jun 9, '09
    Hope you had fun in the Far East!! Getting ready for appt. will let you know. XXXOOO

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 9, '09
    Its Tuesday...gawd Linda he will be here on gonna make a list...this packin and sortin is drivin me bonks..Hope you are having a great day though. xxoo's

    johnoh wrote on Jun 9, '09
    Good Night Linda, took the new pill (low dose) at dinner, and then will take another with breakfast. Will let you know. Sleep well and sound, and dream of lava caves, and high mountain meadows. . .XXXOOO

    johnoh wrote on Jun 10, '09
    And now Good Morning!!!! OOOXXX

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Good morning from rainy cool California....sigh....I love these type of days.

    danceinsilence wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Read my Rock n Roll Wednesday Post. I challenged you!

    gkluit wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Hi Linda! Thanks a lot for coming by and leaving your sweet birthday wishes, both at my page and at Ruzies. I loved the smurfs!
    I just got home from the spa. It has free entrance for those that go there on their birthday, I had to make use of that! I'm feeling all soft, relaxed and clean now.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Looking at the comment before spa..I know what I'm getting you for your birfday... ROFLMBO

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 10, '09
    NOW where have you disappeared to????

    johnoh wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Wow, 80s and 90s AND thundershowers!!!!! It must be Humid with a capital H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You, and I am sure I am speaking for Cherie too, should come out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 10, '09
    Lookin like rain here tonight..skeeters are out...I'm in..giggle..two more days after tonight...Hope this finds you well and not working to hard..xxoo's

    johnoh wrote on Jun 10, '09

    wanderingdeity wrote on Jun 11, '09
    morning linda! you're up early as well.
    am heading to second job.
    thanks for the visit and the hug.
    have a fabulous morning! ^&^

    johnoh wrote on Jun 11, '09
    LINDA Dear!!! You are up early!!! I can't sleep!!

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 11, '09
    Good Morning beautiful lady...gawd tomorrow is Friday..giggle..

    johnoh wrote on Jun 11, '09
    XXXs and OOOs

    johnoh wrote on Jun 11, '09
    Good Night OOOhugsXXX

  23. aslowread wrote on Jun 11, '09
    thanks so much for stopping by, always good to see your friendly face...the start of my work

    lovinheart445 wrote on Jun 12, '09
    Stopping by to say hi.. Been awhile since I've been around to anyones page except Cat's..Just been too busy getting things done. Take care, and we'll be blogging while on the road.

    johnoh wrote on Jun 12, '09
    Morning. . .came way to early.

    wanderingdeity wrote on Jun 12, '09
    morning!!! am going to make dr. oh super rich and he's going to buy you a yacht ^&^

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 12, '09
    Going out to a later...big hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    johnoh wrote on Jun 13, '09
    What movie?? Good Night, sleep sound. . .

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 13, '09
    Bed....I have a headache and am exhausted.

    gilesy01 wrote on Jun 13, '09
    Have a great weekend.

    fatgrandmacat wrote on Jun 13, '09
    Good Morning beautiful lady...yuppers today is finally today..keepin fingers crossed...giggle.

    johnoh wrote on Jun 13, '09
    Good Morning!!! It arrived way to early again. . .

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 13, '09
    Good morning ....are you with the girls today.....hope your day is filled with happiness

    amalie2 wrote on Jun 13, '09
    thank you so much for the comment to this blog!

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 13, '09
    I tried to call a couple times today.....sigh...I bet you're with the girls having a great time.

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 14, '09
    I think maybe I'll stay home next week after all.

    johnoh wrote on Jun 14, '09
    I have a proposition for you; I will show you mine on 99, if you show me yours on 299????

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 14, '09
    ummmmm he wants to show you his....that means you have to be when should I pick you up at the airport

    johnoh wrote on Jun 15, '09

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 15, '09
    Good morning hugs back to you.

    wanderingdeity wrote on Jun 15, '09
    but one article pays 50 bucks. i need that money. ha! no worries, i get to have fun writing. it's not really like working too hard. and yes, am using the pick-up lines idea! yay!
    have a great Monday. It's gonna be Tuesday here in 8 minutes ^&^

    wanderingdeity wrote on Jun 15, '09
    it is! until it's proofreading time. ha!
    get lots of rest ^&^

    johnoh wrote on Jun 15, '09

    msnuser wrote on Jun 15, '09
    Aiii… I can't swim and I though I might drown before I found the guest book. :) I dropped by from Laniebg's to look at your photo. Thanks for visiting my site.

    msnuser wrote on Jun 15, '09
    Just couldn't resist coming back to the depths :) I forgot I left you a message at the photo. Now you have 3 lovely messages from me. Aren't you lucky? :D

    johnoh wrote on Jun 15, '09
    Good Afternoon, my head hurts. . .

    serendipitydreams wrote on Jun 15, '09
    shhhhhh.......can't a gurl get her beauty rest????